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If you're a Sterling area business owner or manager, this is the place on the internet to reach the people who matter most -- your customers. is an effective and inexpensive way to reach out to your community and deliver your message. Best of all, you're available to your customers 24 hours a day, seven days a week!

For as little as $1.50 per day -- far less than the least expensive newspaper ad -- you can have your own, full-featured, custom-designed web site, with plenty of room to tell your customers why you're special. If you like, you can even join the ranks of businesses large and small who are selling their products via the web. A presence on allows you to say far more that a newspaper, radio or cable TV ad. Your customers can't accidentally throw your coupon away. They'll find you easily, anytime they they like.

And, as part of, you'll benefit from our extensive community-wide promotion efforts and in-site promotions designed to build a loyal audience of potential customers. (Check out our Lunch Online or Coupon Page, for example.) And we'll cross-link with other, similar community sites in this area, to improve your chance to draw new business from surrounding neighborhoods.

We'll even sit down with you and help you determine what web site strategy will best meet your needs, and give you some great tips for promoting your site.

So what are your options?

Basic web site. Site size of up to three pages, customized and professionally designed for each client, one year of hosting, one electronic retailing consulting session, unlimited maintenance. 1st month is free. Price $550. Additional pages: $60/year.

Direct-response site. Same as above, plus one e-mail account with unlimited aliases and one interactive form, per site. Price: $650.

E-commerce site. Same as above, plus full-featured shopping cart/catalog. Price: $800.

Dotcom Account. Stand-alone site under the client’s own domain name (, professionally designed and customized for the client, 1 year of hosting on a high-performance server, with e-mail, access to form processing, shopping cart and monthly log reports. Includes integration with our community shopping site. Price: $500 one-time
set-up fee (includes 1 free month of hosting), plus $75 per page per year, including unlimited maintenance. (Does not include InterNic registration fee of $70.)

Link Account. Integrate an existing web site into our community shopping site for one year, without sacrificing the independence of your existing site. Price: $200

Hometown presence. We will design a home page for your muliple location or corporate business where you can post your own specials, sales, events, coupons etc. And we will provide a link from that page to your company website. Price $400

Why be a part of

Simple. There are millions and millions of web sites and web pages out there. People in the Sterling area -- your customers -- already are looking for products and services online and many of them are buying online today. Trouble is, they'll rarely take the time to search through thousands of web pages to find a local business, so they end up at a web site for a mega retailer, or a national chain, and do business with them. Why? Because they're easy to find.

That's where we come in. With, there will be one place your customers will know they can find local businesses who can offer them the products and services they want. But there's more. They'll also come to for other things as well. They'll be able to find out about community events and activities, see public service announcements, post and read their own and others' bulletin board messages (for sale items, yard sales, babysitters, etc.), get movie listings and start times, and find out about community resources. And while they're visiting the site, they'll have a chance to browse your pages, as well.

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