All About Our Free Email System is pleased to offer every resident of the greater Sterling area a free email account. From this account, you can send electronic mail messages to anyone who has an email address, anywhere in the world, and you can receive electronic mail from anyone, anywhere.

Our system is offered and operated in conjunction with Zap Zone Network, one of the newest and best email providers on the net.

Signing up for your account is easy. Just click on the Zap Zone button you'll see throughout our site, or go to our own mail sign-up page.

Once you have set up your account (your address will look something like you can send mail or read mail that someone has sent to you by going to the mail log-in page.

Why are we offering free email?

The ShopSterling mail system has three main advantages over the email account you have through your internet service provider:

You can have as many accounts as you like. Every member of your family can have a unique, personal email address. This insures privacy, and gives everyone their own internet identity.

Your ShopSterling mailbox can be accessed from anywhere you can get access to a web browser. That means you can send or receive email from home, your office, a library, at school, or any of dozens of places that offer a computer and access (like an Internet Cafe). Because you can send and receive mail from any computer with internet access, you can have a ShopSterling mail account and use it, even if you don't own a computer yourself or don't have your own internet account -- most libraries have computers with internet access you can use for free!

Best of all, there are no fees of any kind whatsoever. None.

You've got nothing to lose. Get your new email address right now!

Please note: Once you have your new email address, be sure to include the .zzn portion of the address (ie: Without this, you may not receive the mail sent to you.

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