What's ShopSterling.com all about?

ShopSterling.com is one of five community web sites designed and built by Neighborhood Shopping Online, Inc. This site will be followed soon by similar sites in 8 other Northern Virginia communities.

The idea behind ShopSterling.com is simple: We believe that the internet is a great place to recreate the sense of community -- the sense of belonging to a place -- that's too often lost in the rapid growth of suburban towns and neighborhoods.

At ShopSterling.com, we're creating an electronic Main Street, where you can see what local merchants, service providers, restaurants and professionals have to offer. You can see what's playing at the local theaters (and what time the movie starts), you'll be able to find out that your neighbor is having a yard sale, or that a local civic group is sponsoring a food drive.

Need to call the recycling center? Or contact Loudon county social services? Or attend a religious service? You'll find these things quickly and easily right here on ShopSterling.com.

We also believe that ShopSterling .com is a great way to make the residents of eastern Loudoun County aware of your business and to help you better serve your customers.

Fees paid by our business web sites make it possible for us to provide the free services we're making available to the community. By joining cost of building your own, stand-alone site and you'll be helping us build a wonderful, family-friendly site for the entire community.

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